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We should nuke Israel - JP -

Egyptian MP: We should nuke Israel
Source: The Jerusalem Post (riportato sotto) February 13, 2007
A prominent Egyptian lawmaker on Monday suggested the Muslim world destroy Israel in a nuclear holocaust in order to halt renovation work outside Jerusalem's Temple Mount.
Muslim leaders claim the work, which is being done on a collapsed earthen ramp leading to the only Temple Mount gate available to non-Muslims, is really an attempt to undermine the foundations of the mosques that currently occupy the holy hill.
Parliament member Mohammed el-Katani, a member of dictator Hosni Mubarak's own party, told his colleagues that the only way to end the affair is to wipe Israel out of existence with nuclear bombs.
On paper, Israel is at peace with Egypt.
Arab MP: Only nukes will erase Israel
A member of the Egyptian Parliament from President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party said Monday that nothing short of a nuclear bomb would "work" with Israel.
"That cursed Israel is trying to destroy Al-Aksa Mosque," Mohamed el-Katatny of Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NDP) told the Egyptian Parliament, adding "nothing will work with Israel except for a nuclear bomb that wipes it out of existence."
The harsh statement was uttered during a heated discussion of Israel's renovation of the Mughrabi walkway near the Temple Mount. Egyptian parliamentarians claimed that Israel was destroying the Al-Aksa Mosque.
During the session some parliament members urged a cancellation of all agreements with Israel saying the war between Egypt and Israel was continuing even though treaties were signed.
Israel and Egypt ended 30 years of war with an historic peace treaty in 1979 brokered by the United States between then Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

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