domenica 14 ottobre 2007

Tehran University students "Death to Dicator" ref. AhmadiNejad

Da un blog Iraniano, riporto questa testimonianza. Chissà che non sia l'albore di un movimento studentesco in crescendo. Ma probabilmente avrebbe un altro tipo di carisma e un altra impostazione...
"Wednesday, October 10, 2007
On October 8 this week Mahmoud AhmadiNejad the President of the occupational Islamic Republic arrived at Tehran University were he was scheduled to give a speech. Heavy security and screening processes was in place to ensure that the few students allowed into the auditorium were regime-loyalists or basiji (a paramilitary organization consisting mainly of young disenchanted/indoctrinated villagers) so that no disruptions or complications need take place during the speech; knowing full well that if Iranian students were allowed into the auditorium there would not only be a security risk towards the Islamic Republic's president but also the fact that students would be able to pose obviously relevant questions which the regime to date has not been ready to answer (regarding the non-existence of freedom and democracy in Iran etc).Under the heavy presence of the terrorist Islamic Republic's armed security forces hundreds if not up to a thousand of Tehran University students were showcasing their public rejection of the illegal/occupational Islamic regime and its President Mahmoud AhmadiNejad within the university premises - the students were not allowed to leave the University premises but were locked onto campus. As Potkin says in his entry - the university was under a military siege as AhamdiNejad addressed his supporters.Some of the chants, slogans, and poster's by the Iranian students were:
"Death to Dictator", "Free imprisoned students", "We have questions too, Why only Columbia?" , "Here is Columbia too", "In Columbia yes, in Tehran no?", "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad source of poverty and corruption", "Freedom is our definite right", "Fashist government should be destroyed", "Shame on the regime leave the university", "student torture is condemned". "we don't want dictator regime, we don't want mercenary police", "political prisoners must be freed", "shame on police, leave the university", "Fashist president, university is not your place".The importance of this event was once again forgotten of or given minimalist attention to by the western media outlets who even then downplayed the size of the demonstration to a "handful" or "around 100".

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Aryamehr ha detto...

Ciao Stuart,

Grazie per aver riportato le notizie che riguardano protesti studentesci in Iran contro AhmadiNejad.

The students are organized to a certain extent but to fulfill the ultimate goal of removing the Islamic Republic all sectors of society need to be united and that is what we in the Iranian opposition movement aim to accomplish. There are various sectors that need to be united into one solid force - the workers, the women, the teachers, the transportation workers, industry workers etc.

Once these groups unite and work together real results can be achieved, otherwise these kind of protest-actions take place on a regular basis in Iran but receive no attention by the main stream media against increasing the pressure on the Iranian people; what will happen to these students is that they will be identified and arrested subjugated to intense interrogations, solitary confinement, and in some cases torture. Most will be let go of but the organizers will continue to be held in jails.

stuarthwyman ha detto...

Thank you, i think that nuclear is a pretext and the regime too...

But I think that you need to be informed about your central bank that is free from the manipulation of the west bankers...

There are only 5 bank in the world, free from this power:
- North Korea
- Cuba
- Libia
- Sudan
and Iran

The last one was... Iraq.

So if you want to do other for your country you need to take care about your central bank.

One time in the hands of the bankers (...and there is only one kind of bankers...), your country finish to became a joke, for the regional asset of the strategical power nearby: India China and russia.

So you need to start a campaign that make a consideration and a sensibilization of the people of the most ancian persian reign in the world.

...or you'll became only a face of what's happening in your Country.