giovedì 24 gennaio 2008

Remote control: preludio o epilogo?

Mark Kane, managing director of Autonomous Systems & Future Capability (Air) for BAE Systems, said:

"Taranis will make use of at least 10 years of research and development into low observables, systems integration, control infrastructure and full autonomy. It follows the completion of risk reduction activities to ensure the mix of technologies, materials and systems used are robust enough for the 'next logical step'. These risk reduction activities include the Replica programme, jointly funded with the MoD and the MoD funded 'Nightjar' programme. He added: "Taranis will build on and use the technologies and systems trialled in the previous demonstrators we have produced such as Kestrel, Corax, Raven and HERTI. It is an important part of our future."
"Technology derived from Replica may well filter into future aircraft. These could include the manned and unmanned concept aircraft under consideration as part of the UK's wide-ranging Future Offensive Air System (FOAS) programme."
"But with the deadline fast approaching for the FOAS programme to move from the "concept" to the "assessment phase", analysts would dearly like to know if a prototype of Replica has secretly flown."

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